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I made number 3 on a list of the top video game-inspired kicks by Complex, so I have decided to throw in a bonus list for today.

I call it a bonus list because a majority of the shoes on this list are not actually shoes, but concepts, and a great many of them could not be produced as they are designed, but I’m a picky blogger.

Also my shoes are better than the ugly Mario Chucks at number one so don’t mind me while I sit here and hate… those Atari kicks are clean though.


8 Things the Internet Ruined

3. The Number 9000 and Jokes - Internet memes are great because anyone can join in on the fun. Internet memes are terrible because everyone joins in on the fun, but never stops. The Internet doesn’t beat dead horses. It pounds the ground where a horse decomposed with its fists, even though there are no horse parts left to punch. The Internet can’t get hold of a joke without destroying it.

I can’t see the number 9000 anymore without thinking of Vegeta from Dragonball Z. It’s not because I think that meme is funny. It’s because every time there’s a number over 9000 online, some stupid 15-year-old that I want to punch in the stupid face has to make that joke in the comments. That joke started in 2006. It’s been 2012 for weeks now and it still happens. That’s six years. Jokes aren’t funny for six years. Chappelle’s Show was still on in 2006. Can you imagine how annoying it would be if people were still yelling “I’m Rick James, Bitch!” Welcome to the Internet.

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